Why Stay in a Hotel in Zamboanga City Near the Airport

February 4, 2020
By: clark
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Zamboanga offers plenty of historical places with Spanish cultural roots and heritage. It is the 3rd largest city in the Philippines and is hailed as “Asia’s Latin City.” This distinction is reflected in the food, language, and architecture of the city. Staying in a hotel in Zamboanga City near the airport offers plenty of sight-seeing opportunities. Imagine the convenience of arriving at the airport only to travel a short distance to reach your hotel room and being able to spend most of your energy for exploring the city.


Reasons Why You Should Stay at a Hotel Near the Airport

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Among hotels in Zamboanga city near the airport, LM Hotel stands out for many reasons. The most important feature of the hotel is that it is only 1.6 kilometers away from Zamboanga International Airport. There are plenty of opportunities to immediately travel to nearby tourist sites because the hotel is strategically situated a few kilometers away.


Hassle-free travel from the airport

Regardless of whether you are coming from out of the country or from Manila, the jetlag and the travel can be very draining. For people who frequently travel, there is nothing like arriving at the airport and immediately checking in to a hotel nearby.

The convenience of being able to obtain rest after enduring a long flight is incomparable. Imagine the relaxation that you can obtain from plunging on your hotel room bed and perhaps enjoying a meal. Aside from the lesser travel duration from the airport to your hotel, chances of being late for your flight back home are significantly lesser.


Spend less time commuting

For those who wake up early in the morning to prepare for the day, the convenience of staying in bed longer is arguably one of the most satisfying feelings ever.

People tend to avoid waking up early during a vacation. As much as possible, they wish to remain in the comfort of their bed.

If you are staying at a hotel that’s hours away from the airport, you may have to wake up earlier than usual to catch your flight back home. Just imagine, the duration of travel could have been more time spent in bed, see a nearby attraction site, have a quick dip in the jacuzzi or visit the gym for a quick exercise to cap off your vacation.

There are plenty of other activities you could try if your hotel is near the airport. Book a hotel room near the airport to make the most of your staycation.


Complimentary shuttle service

Hotels near the airport offer complimentary shuttle services to and from the airport. Conversely, airports also have shuttle services that go around the nearby locations. You no longer have to shell out money for a taxi and travel a distance. All you have to do is to adhere to the schedule of shuttle services leaving and arriving at the hotel.

While there are hotels that offer any ride, you should still ensure accommodation from the hotel. Nevertheless, a hotel near the airport will always have cheap taxi services that can take you to the airport whenever you require it.


Relatively lesser expenses

More often than not, hotels that are located near the airport offer considerably cheaper room accommodations compared to hotels located in the central business district of the city.

Take note of this and check the amenities of the hotel you are considering. Cheaper accommodation might mean reduced amenities such as restrictions on the use of the pool, gym, and bar. Confirm the terms and conditions as well as other fees with the hotel. This way, you will have an idea of whether the lower room rate equates to lesser amenities or not.


Great Sights To See in Zamboanga City

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Zamboanga city is home to many tourist attractions that are in close proximity to LM Hotel, a hotel in Zamboanga city near the airport. If you are up for it, walking through the city will give you a better view and feel of the location. From Paseo del Mar, a park that overviews the little Santa Cruz Islands to Tagbilat Falls, that provides you the experience of walking through the safe jungle grounds to reach the picturesque site.


Paseo del Mar

Small souvenir shops, restaurants, food stalls, and carts — Paseo del Mar is the ultimate boardwalk park. Walk along the water while enjoying the view of the Dancing Fountain. Stand on the boardwalk and see the captivating little Santa Cruz islands.

While mornings in Paseo del Mar offer plenty of activities to do, it is during the nighttime that the entire place becomes romantic. The lighting and shades of the location encourage deeper conversations with loved ones. The benches facing the waters make the place entirely breezy.


Fort Pilar

Visit the 17th-century defense fort which was used by the Spanish military. Witness the large courtyard with a wide brick road that leads to a fortress surrounded by countless white stars to symbolize the appearance of mother Mary many decades ago. When you visit Fort Pilar, make sure to stay until the commencement of the Eucharistic celebration and observe how worshipers celebrate in the city.


Great and Little Santa Cruz Island

From Paseo del Mar, you can take a 20-minute jet boat ride to the Great Santa Cruz island. The island is described as a small piece of rock, sand, and mangrove. From the jet boat, you will be transferred to another boat for a mini-tour of the island. The boat will sail through the mangroves where plenty of free creatures will greet you. The final destination will be the Pink beach where you will see pink sand next to flowing bright blue waters.


Bayangan Island

For all the avid-divers, Bayangan island is the perfect destination for you in Zamboanga City. The island is comprised of tourist shops, small stores, and food stalls.

Aside from scuba-diving, there are other water activities for those who look forward to experiencing the waters of Bayangan island including free-diving, snorkeling, and paddleboarding. Of course, if you are with a large group, not everyone is going to be into water activities. With that, the island also offers a small patch of jungle in the middle that provides a wide perimeter for climbing and exploring.


Nancy and Tagbilat Falls

Your Zamboanga trip is not complete without a trip to Nancy and Tagbilat falls. Trekking through the jungles to reach Nancy can be described as a trip to a world akin to that of a Jurassic Park Movie.

The bumpy ride will remind you of scenes from the movies which can be extremely exhilarating. Once you reach the base of the waterfall, your mood will immediately be replaced with calmness and tranquility. As the cool water touches your feet, the certain scent of the woods and water merges, and the view will just make you want to sit and watch nature.


Things to Do in Zamboanga City

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Aside from the famous tourist spots in Zamboanga city, you might want to try these unconventional activities. If you have visited every spot in your itinerary, visit some of these places to learn about the life, history, culture, and livelihood in the city.


Visit the old Badjao burial site in Sta. Cruz Islands

After enjoying the pink sand beach and turquoise blue waters of the Great Sta. Cruz Islands, visit the old Badjao burial graves. Witness and learn about how the Badjao were buried in a fashion that is extremely unique to their culture.

The dead are placed in wooded boats and human effigies. The boat signifies a deep connection to the sea which also serves as a grave marker. To pay respect to the departed, some of their belongings are included in their graves. The last recorded burial ceremony at the site dates back to the 1960s.


Haggle at Barter Trade Markets

Your Zamboanga experience will not be complete without testing your haggling skills at the Canelar Trading Center — one of the most famous barter trade markets in the city. Even though the prices of the items you will find in the market are already incredibly cheap, the vendors will still allow haggling. Most of the souvenir items you will find in the market come from Malaysia or Indonesia while others are handmade and homegrown like coffee beans, tea, and chocolate.


Learn about the community of Rio Hondo Village

As much as you are aware of poverty living in the city, you will be surprised by the families in Rio Hondo living below the poverty line. The origin of the village’s name will give you a visual of what the place looks like. “Rio” means river and “Hondo” means deep. In other words, the houses are floating in a deep river. The village is not a tourist spot in the traditional sense, but meeting fellow Filipino brothers and sisters in the location could change the way you look at life.


Immerse yourself in weaving at Yakan

Another unusual thing to do in Zamboanga is to visit the Yakan weaving village. Have the chance to meet one of the many indigenous tribes creating yakan cloth of vibrant colors and intricate designs. From malongs, bags, wallets, and table runners, the Yakan village is definitely the place to buy souvenirs. Not only are you supporting the locals to earn a living, but promoting the culture of Zamboanga wherever you go.


Book Your Stay in LM Hotel — a Hotel in Zamboanga City Near the Airport


If you are set on visiting Zamboanga’s tourist spots and unusual places, consider booking room accommodations at LM Hotel, the best hotel in Zamboanga City near the airport to experience ultimate convenience. LM Hotel is situated in close proximity to the airport as well as popular spots like Paseo del Mar that could take you to the island and the Fort Pilar to step on the very ground the Spanish built and used.

Avoid the hassle and book your stay at LM Metro Hotel, the best hotel in Zamboanga City! Click here for more information!