Why You Should Consider Booking a Staycation at Zamboanga

April 13, 2020
By: clark April 13, 2020
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What are the reasons why you should consider booking a staycation at Zamboanga?

  1. Spacious Accommodations
  2. You can travel to pristine beaches
  3. Hospitable staff and quality amenities
  4. Warm and comfortable ambiance
  5. It is full of historical spots
  6. Affordable room rates in hotels
  7. Zamboanga has the best local dishes


If you are considering booking a hotel in Zamboanga to relax soon, then you must be thinking about the reasons why it would be worth it to travel to the “City of Flowers”. You may be staying at home now but that doesn’t mean that you don’t get to think about your travel plans for this year.

A staycation is a chance to unfurl your thoughts and get away from the stressful events that happened to you in the past. Zamboanga is one of the best cities in the Philippines to do just that. If you’re not convinced enough, then here are some reasons why you should book your next staycation here:


Spacious accommodations

Whether you are having a staycation with your family, your partner, or by yourself, it is important that you book spacious accommodation in Zamboanga. Don’t underestimate a spacious room for your staycation since this would be beneficial for you especially if you are in dire need of rest and relaxation. You will see the quality of service from a hotel by the space they give you since this will allow you to stay in a comfortable room without thinking about problems ahead.


You can travel to its pristine beaches

Empty sea and beach background

Zamboanga is home to magnificent pink beaches that should definitely be a part of your bucket list. Staycations aren’t all about staying in, sometimes it is defined by the opportunities you have to unwind. Taking a swim or strolling around Zamboanga’s pink sand beaches are a part of those moments. Going to the beach will definitely relieve your stress as you hear the calming effects of the waves and bask in the sunlight.


Hospitable Staff and Quality Amenities

If you are thinking more about the reasons why you should book a staycation in Zamboanga, just take our word for it that you would be welcomed with the utmost hospitality once you are there. Not only that, but you also deserve to use the best amenities of the place that you are going to have a staycation in. Zamboanga is home to warm and cheerful people, so do not hesitate to ask for their help during your trip.


Warm and comfortable ambiance

Female Hand set up white bed sheet in bedroom

You might be wondering, what makes a hotel in Zamboanga different from those you find in Metro Manila? Well, these staycation sanctuaries offer more than amenities, they can give you a tranquil ambiance that is essential for relaxation. Having a staycation means more than just staying in a hotel, it should give you lasting memories about your days of relaxation. If you are still looking at places where you can have your staycation, having a warm ambiance is something that you should definitely consider.


It is full of historical spots

The city of Zamboanga is not only known for its travel destinations but it also deserves recognition for its rich history and culture. Major landmarks in Zamboanga like the Fort Pilar or the Pasonanca park will help you see just how much the city has grown in terms of history. These historical spots are not just something for the tourists to visit but it has shaped Zamboanga city’s way of living as these landmarks bear witness to the evolution of the city in terms of language and the people living there.


Affordable room rates in hotels

Bell of service

Staycations do not have to be extravagant, sometimes you can achieve the relaxation you’re aiming for in the most affordable way. If you are wary of going over the budget for your trip to Zamboanga, you should look for a hotel that offers high-quality rooms for the lowest prices. You shouldn’t be burdened by extra costs when you are on a staycation because this can ruin your mood and will damage your staycation goals as well.


Zamboanga has the best local dishes

You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to eat the best cuisine that the city has to offer while you are there for a staycation. Zamboangueno dishes are some of the best with the famous Curacha leading at the helm, these are red frog crabs with Alavar sauce. Nourish your soul with the best food during your staycation. Your stomach will thank you and you will have the best experience in exploring the city through their cuisine while you are at it.


Key Takeaway

A staycation is your chance to get away from the bustling city and just enjoy life at your own pace. Zamboanga is one of the best places to have a staycation simply because it is unique and you would feel very welcome because of its rich culture and heritage. The Philippines prides itself on the best islands and hospitable people which is why Zamboanga is one of the go-to places for many tourists. Check out this brief guide and use it for when you are thinking of going on vacation in Zamboanga, enjoy!