What To Do In Zamboanga This Summer

May 5, 2020
By: clark May 5, 2020
Little girl playing in a waterfall in Zamboanga


What can you do in Zamboanga this summer?

  1. Go On A City Adventure
  2. Relax and Enjoy Nature
  3. Take A Dip In The Waterfalls
  4. Agricultural Tour
  5. Barter Trade Center


Feeling down because the pandemic struck just in time for the summer? This season was supposedly a time that children bid the school year goodbye and take a month-long vacation. Isolation is the new normal, and that means no playdates or sleepovers for a while. In the meantime, you can still list down the things you want to do once the pandemic is over. For that, we came up with a great list of what to do in Zamboanga for the summer!

This checklist includes a balance of fun-filled adventures, delicious meals, and cultural experiences! This is the perfect way to spend your time outdoors after the long downtime you spend during isolation at home.


Go On A City Adventure

Zamboanga City Hall

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

What better way to celebrate the end of quarantine than to go on an adventure? Switch up your surroundings by exploring the city of Zamboanga. It might just be one of your new favorite places to visit in the Philippines because it is rich in beautiful, cultural sceneries.

In fact, it goes by many titles including “Asia’s Latin City” and “The Sardines Capital of The Philippines”. Its history of the Spanish force during the colonial era is definitely something you’ll uncover when you take a city tour. You’ll also be able to see its diverse population (Samal, Yakan, Tausug, Bajdao).

The best part is, you can have an adventure simply by walking from location to location. These historical landmarks are just a few minutes away from each other. Experience the city and its entirety by visiting these locations:

  • Pasonanca Park
  • Fort Pilar Shrine
  • City Hall Of Zamboanga
  • Plaza Pershing


Relax and Enjoy Nature

Elegant White Great Egret

Image Source: Flickr

There are many benefits to sitting and appreciating green landscapes. It allows you to reduce fear and stress as well as increase pleasant feelings. Various places in Zamboanga City are popular spots to observe birdlife. In fact, it is one of the best locations in the country to go bird watching because you can find over 180 species of endemic and migratory birds here. Appreciate the simple things in life at Pasonanca Watershed, ZSCMST Bird Sanctuary, and Kabig Island (although this might be a little further from Zamboanga, it is still worth the travel!).

You and the little ones may want to do a quick research about the birds that you can see so you can identify them once they fly around the area. Here are some birds to take note of:

  • Zamboanga Bulbul
  • White-Eared Tailor Bird
  • Wattled Broadbill
  • Elegant White Great Egret


Take A Dip In The Waterfalls

A young man playing underneath a waterfall in Zamboanga

It’s summertime and one of the first things we all want to do is beat the warm heat by taking a dip in the water. If you want to experience both nature and water, you can do this by visiting the two-tier scenic waterfall, Merloquet Falls. It also boasts its beautiful one of a kind stair-like rock formation. Bathe in the falls and enjoy the natural wonders of Zamboanga with Merloquet Falls.


Agricultural Tour

Dragon Fruit Farm

Now that we’ve covered culture, nature, and water, it’s time to go on an agricultural tour to the farms of Zamboanga City. Sign up for an educational experience suitable for you and your family. You can take a visit to the NJB Farm that gives you an opportunity to tour the milk station, mini forest, and go mango picking. Meanwhile, at Dragon Fruit Farm, you can see the process of how dragon fruits are harvested. On top of that, it is also a great way to show your support and love for the agricultural community in the Philippines. You will be inspired by the hard-working, healthy, and humble farmers that work hard to provide fresh produce.


Barter Trade Center

Colorful scarves and shawls

You may want to take one last stop before going home from Zamboanga City. If you want to buy pasalubongs, make sure to buy them at Barter Trade Center. They sell local products from Zamboanga! Some stalls also offer food from Malaysia and Indonesia like Mi Goreng or Old Town Coffee. This way, when you get back to your day-to-day routine, you have a piece of your fun-filled adventure in Zamboanga with you.


Key Takeaway

We’re all hoping for the best results for the nation during the ongoing pandemic. We hope that this list on what to do in Zamboanga will add to the things you will be most excited about after quarantine ends. If you are looking for a place to stay on your visit to Zamboanga this summer, LM Hotel is located in the heart of the city! Have easy access to tourist attractions and good eats around the town.