Top Tourist Destinations in Zamboanga

March 6, 2020
By: clark March 6, 2020
Top Tourist Destinations in Zamboanga

What are some of the top tourist destinations in Zamboanga?

  1. Yakan Weaving Village
  2. Pasonanca Park
  3. Merloquet Falls
  4. Paseo del Mar
  5. Fort Pilar
  6. Nancy Falls
  7. Canelar Barter Trade Center


Zamboanga City is a place to find serene views and meet humble locals. Book a suite in a hotel nearby with great accessibility, generous packages, and amazing restaurants. Find convenience in your travels by ensuring a well-planned itinerary. From falls and beaches to villages, check out some of Zamboanga’s tourist destinations below to learn about the sceneries that await you!


Yakan Weaving Village

As the name of the village suggests, the Yakan Weaving Village is the place to be if you are looking for colorful textiles with batik-inspired imprints. If you are looking for souvenirs to bring back to Manila, you will find purses, parkas, keychains, and more at the weaving village. Handicrafts such as the hand-carved Basilian Pira Swords, satchels, scarves, and textiles are alternative souvenirs. The best thing about the Yakan Weaving Village is the missing price tags. This means you can haggle a price that will satisfy you and the vendor.


Pasonanca Park

Pasonanca Park

The picturesque Zamboanga Tree House built back in 1963 rests within the vicinity of Pasonanca Park. This destination consists of the Kiddie Pool area and is famous for children because of the 4 tall and colorful waterslides as well as cold waters. What makes the park even more beautiful is the natural waterfall that lies beside it. Pasonanca Park is indeed for those traveling with their families or colleagues, whether with children or not. You will find 3 public pools including an Olympic-sized and natural-flowing pool.


Merloquet Falls

Majestic views and pristine waters are some of the words that best describe the Merloquet Falls. The natural body of water mimics the form of an ancient ruin as the waterfall beautifully runs through the wall of rock formation. The falls are within the heart of the jungle and the bottom of it is a cool pool of water. Merloquet falls is famous for rock formations that serve as platforms. Sit and relax on one of these natural platforms to receive a therapeutic massage from the waterfall.


Paseo del Mar

Interior View Of A Steel Factory

More like a park, the Paseo del Mar is perfect for couples who love walking and sharing food or drinks. The place offers a place to walk around with small shops, restaurants, and food carts. Apart from the space where you can lounge and even have a picnic, it is also Zamboanga City’s pride and joy to display their dancing fountain. The fountain shoots up water in the air with intervals of a minute or two. To obtain the best experience, visit Paseo del Mar when it is almost sundown for extra romantic ambiance.


Fort Pilar

If you are the type to search for educational destinations, then the Fort Pilar in Zamboanga should be next on your bucket list. The destination was built by the Spanish military during the 17th century as a form of defense. As you enter Fort Pilar, you will be greeted by a massive courtyard with bricked-pathway that leads to the fortress. Today, the Fort Pilar is decorated with bright white stars that go around the shrine for Roman Catholics. If you wish to experience how people in Zamboanga express their Christian beliefs, celebrate the Eucharist with them during Sundays.


Nancy Falls

Nancy Falls

For those who would always dream about being part of the cast of the Jurassic Park movie, get on a bumpy Jeepney and make your way through the jungle to the base of the Nancy Falls. Indeed, no trip to Zamboanga is ever complete without a few pictures at the Nancy Falls. It is located in La Paz, Zamboanga and sits exactly atop Kilometer 26 in Barangay Upper La Paz. The falls are said to be majestic. It provides a beautiful and calming scenery as well as cold waters with rejuvenating properties.


Canelar Barter Trade Center

Apart from the Yakan Weaving Village, the Canelar barter trade center is another destination you must visit if you are looking for Filipino handicrafts and souvenirs to take home for your family and friends. You will find traditional Filipina garments, sunglasses, flip flops, and bags. The trade center is popular for its doorknockers or manual doorbells that are shaped like animals such as deer, ox, chickens, and lions. Use your haggling skills to test and visit the Canelar Barter Trade Center before heading home.


Key Takeaway

Dubbed “Asia’s Latin City”, Zamboanga City boasts of sight-seeing spots influenced by the Spanish. Discover the cultural roots and heritage of Zamboangueño people and visit some of Zamboanga’s tourist destinations. To make the most out of your stay in the city, book accommodation at a hotel to ensure your safety and convenience while traveling. Make sure to pack lightly and only what is necessary.