Tips in Organizing a Hotel Wedding Reception

April 9, 2020
By: clark April 9, 2020
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What are tips in organizing a hotel wedding reception?

  1. Plan Your Budget
  2. Set Your Reception Goals According to Your Personality
  3. Choose A Great Location and Maximize Its Inclusions
  4. Schedule the Flow of the Event
  5. Structure Your Menu


If you’re tying the knot in the beautiful city of Zamboanga, planning and organizing a wedding reception comes with some challenges and many factors to thoroughly think about. It’s your big day and you’d want you and your guests to look back on it with love and happiness. Receptions require a lot of time in planning, organizing, and preparing – from the venues and food to decorations and a whole lot more. Before you proceed in planning, you’d want to gather all the information and tips that you need. If you’re looking for tips in organizing a wedding reception in Zamboanga, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the ultimate tips for your wedding reception.


Plan Your Budget

It is important that you set aside a specific amount of money that you’re willing to spend for your wedding reception. This budget will be a driving factor for almost all of your decisions. This should be one of the first things that you do when you plan a wedding reception before starting the other components accordingly. Once you’ve got a budget all planned out, you will ultimately figure out what you want to prioritize for this special event.


Set Your Reception Goals According to Your Personality

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This is you and your loved one’s big day, and what a better way to spend it than in the best way you know how. When you’re planning your wedding reception, you’d want this beautiful celebration of love to embody you and your partner. Your themes, color palettes, entertainment should be catered to your taste and style. Think of the components you want to prioritize, and it will help you immensely once you start meeting and calling up potential vendors and locations. Know what you want for your wedding reception and compromise it. Once you have a concept in mind, it will be so much easier to make decisions. This will additionally help you in staying within your budget and limiting your options.


Choose A Great Location and Maximize Its Inclusions

Your location carries out a big factor in how your reception will be. When planning an event like this, it’s best to take a visit for you to get a sense of the space. You will immediately visualize the decor and get a feel on how it will all play out. Consider how many guests you will be having when you walk through your location’s floor plan.

When you’re on the lookout for a venue for your reception, one of the smartest and convenient things you can do is book a venue that can give you almost everything you need on the day through their inclusions. This is a great way to get the most out of your money and maximize the location. An ideal space for this event are hotels. Hotels offer luxurious services, world-class food, and can even provide your tables and chairs. Booking a reception in a hotel will save so much time in planning and organizing.


Schedule the Flow of the Event

tables set in banquet room

Once you’ve got your goals and venues all set, you’d want to create a program for this special day. Creating a comprehensive schedule ensures that all your guests are aligned with the times and location. This will help make sure that everything runs out smoothly and effortlessly. You’d first want to make sure that your vendors and rentals will arrive just on time before the reception starts. After, plan the program accordingly. Starting from the greetings to the speeches, dancing, cake cutting, and many more. Write them down or print copies out for your hosts, photographers, and anybody else that should be aligned with the program.


Structure Your Menu

When you book your venues in hotels or other places that provide inclusions like food, coordinate with them to create a menu that you are happy with to serve at your wedding reception. Be sure you have enough serving stations or meals to provide to your guests. If you are hiring a caterer for this event, make sure that you coordinate to a great extent to give your guests a great experience with food.


Key Takeaway

Now that you’ve gotten some tips on organizing a wedding reception in Zamboanga, it’s time to start planning! We hope that these tips will help you create the perfect wedding reception that you and your guests will remember for the many years to come. Since your location is a vital component in planning for this event, LM Hotel will be more than happy to accommodate your reception needs. Along with our luxury rooms and services, we also offer a variety of function halls which are designated to host wedding receptions and many more events. Click here to learn more!