The Best Things To Do In Pasonanca Park In Zamboanga

April 24, 2020
By: clark April 24, 2020
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What activities can you do in Pasonanca Park in Zamboanga?

  1. Take A Dip In Pools
  2. Spend A Day In A Treehouse
  3. Explore Butterfly Park in La Jardin Maria Clara Lobregat
  4. Visit Museums and Parks
  5. Have A Picnic


Your plans and getaways have likely been canceled this summer as the COVID-19 pandemic and outbreak made its way to different parts of the country. Once travel bans are lifted and isolation protocols are withdrawn, you will surely want to take time off to relax outdoors. The Pasonanca Park in Zamboanga will be a great place to add to your list as it is far from the hustle and bustle of the Metropolis. It also has tons of family-friendly things to do within it. Enjoy the different locations and must-travel places in Zamboanga along the side. Check out the best things you can do in Pasonanca Park by reading on!


Take A Dip In Pools

Little kids in a swimming pool

Once the quarantine is over, indulge in a summer getaway and swim at the swimming pools in Pasonanca Park. The park consists of three swimming pools: an Olympic sized swimming pool, a natural flowing pool, and a children’s pool with water slides! There are kiosks around the area that you and your family could rent out for the day. The water in Pasonanca Park’s pools is constantly replenished by a surge of water. As the water fills up space, it is also equally drained to create a beautiful creek that flows down the hill.


Spend A Day In A Treehouse

Pasonanca Treehouse

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Suspended above the treetops canopied in leafy branches with a beautiful view of the surrounding park, the famous Pasonanca Treehouse is surely a once in a lifetime experience! This treehouse is visited by numerous visitors and tourists per year so you wouldn’t want to miss this chance! You can even rent it out for the night for a minimum fee. It is fully furnished with comfortable twin beds and a bathroom with added amenities. Don’t miss your chance to experience this quaint and lofty escape for an epic vacation after long days of isolation at home.


Explore Butterfly Park in La Jardin Maria Clara Lobregat

Butterfly Park in Pasonanca Park

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Zamboanga is endowed with many colorful butterflies of different species in Pasonanca’s Butterfly Park. It is one of the best tourist spots and the most visited location in Zamboanga City. The area is surrounded by beautiful fresh flowers such as orchids and roses. Along the side, you can visit the aviary park for avian species like parrots, turkeys, and eagles. This adventure will surely be one for the books for your children. Remember to take your camera along with you to capture and bring home memories!


Visit Museums and Parks

Jardin Maria Clara Lobregat

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

To make your trip more educational and interesting, take a historic adventure in the Maria Clara Lobregat Museum located at Pasonanca Park. This museum consists of valuable collections, artifacts, and memorabilia that will surely take you down Zamboanga’s memory lane. These pieces have historical, social, and cultural significance to the city. It also gives you an insight into the cultural personality of Zamboangueños.

Near the Maria Clara Lobregat Museum lies the Maria Clara Science Park, also known as The Parque de Ciencia De Zamboanga. It is known to be the largest regional science center in the Philippines. It is an indoor establishment that contains fifty-six interactive exhibits. One of the most popular showcases inside is the Van de Graaff Generator, a machine that makes your hair stand after placing your hands over a magnetic ball. Another great exhibit is the anti-gravity mirror which makes a floating illusion. Some other notable exhibits are the Bernoulli Blower, Musical Tunnel, Impossible Triable, and the Frozen Shadow. Take the kids along with you for a field trip-like adventure!


Have A Picnic

Jardin Maria Clara Lobregat Garden

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

If you just want to enjoy the great outdoors, bring your mats, some snacks, and indulge in a picnic at Pasonanca Park! There’s nothing like the fresh scenery of nature with blooming flora, towering trees, and cool air. This will definitely make up for the time you spent at home during community quarantine. The gentle rustling of the leaves and the cool breeze makes it a great place to meditate and enjoy life’s simple wonders.


Key Takeaway

The Pasonanca Park in Zamboanga is an excellent vacation destination as it provides memorable activities that you can enjoy after long days and weeks of isolation. Indulge in nature and the simple joys of life at Pasonanca Park. If you’re touring around Zamboanga for a few days, LM Metro Hotel will be more than happy to accommodate your stay. We are one of the best hotels around the city, with comfy rooms and great amenities. Click here to check out our rates!