How to Organize Your Next Team Building Event at a Hotel

February 11, 2020
By: clark February 11, 2020
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Improving a company’s work relationship and team dynamic is a crucial factor for success, as a team that knows how to work well together has the ability to grow and generate the best results. There are many ways to help strengthen this bond between you and your peers, from organizing large meetings to creating hotel team building events that offer activities that encourage cooperation. For the latter, team building events are one of the most popular ways to help get a team together and strengthen their unity.


How do you organize a team building event in a hotel?

There are many places where you can organize your company’s team building event, but one place where you would be able to have the best experience is at a hotel. Along with having the necessary meeting and events spaces for your team, hotels also provide a host of other perks and amenities that provide a relaxing and comfortable experience that you and your team will surely enjoy. If you are planning to organize a company team building event at a hotel, here’s the best way to do it:


Set up your goals

Set up your goals

One of the first things that you need to do when you organize a team building event is to establish the goals of the event itself. While the main goal of team building is to strengthen the bond between members of an organization or company, there are a number of goals and objectives that you might want to add as well. This can include accomplishing a number of activities or even tracking the number of people joining the event. By setting up your goals, you would be able to have a more organized and successful team building event.


Have a set budget

The budget is also another important element when organizing a team building event, as you would need to make sure that you have enough funds to gather everything you need. Along with having enough budget for the hotel rooms and events spaces, it is also important to take into account items like food and drinks, along with the tools and equipment you need for your activities. Make sure that you do not go way over your budget, as this would make it even more difficult to accommodate everything you need.


Book and organize your rooms and events space

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After having set up your goals and budget, the next step is to book your hotel rooms and reserve the events spaces for your hotel team building event. Make sure you have the right room sizes that can fit all members of your team, and keep them comfortable during the rest of their stay. If you are looking to accommodate multiple members in the same room, booking a suite would be an option that allows you to maximize your budget for the whole event and provides your team with the most comfortable rooms.

The same goes for the events space, as you would need a location that can fit all of your members, and have the necessary equipment for your activities. Make sure the events space has the right seating capacity, along with other amenities like catering and electronics at the ready. Hotels are very busy places all year round, which is why it is best to book your rooms and events spaces in advance to make sure you have a proper date settled.


Set up your activity schedule

Once you have everything booked and reserved for your hotel team building event, the last step is to finalize your activity schedule. It is important to have a scheduled program to ensure you would not be missing any activities and provide enough time for your team to relax and prepare in between. This schedule includes details like the arrival and departure time, along with the start and end time for each activity.


Key Takeaway

Team building events are some of the most exciting and interesting ways you can strengthen the bond with each member of a company or organization. This is why doing the event in a hotel is the best way to go, as you get the best venue and have a set of perks and amenities to enjoy during the rest of the day.