Must-Visit Places Near Hotels in Zamboanga

March 24, 2020
By: clark March 24, 2020
A woman with a blue backpack in a yellow dress and hat walks along the ocean along the sand with palm trees

What are the must-visit places near the hotels in Zamboanga?

  1. City Hall of Zamboanga
  2. Rizal Park
  3. Sta. Cruz Islands
  4. Explore The Beauty of Their Lagoons
  5. Rio Hondo Village


If you happen to stumble upon the beautiful destination of Zamboanga or book a staycation at your favorite hotel away from the city, whichever circumstances you may be in, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the beautiful and breathtaking places and activities this city can offer you.

Its distinct culture combined with a great community and places will surely give you a memorable experience for you and your family. There are many places to go in Zamboanga that provide you unique experiences and different views. One of the best things about these places is that they are near hotels and accommodations. Keep these places in mind to maximize your stay in the city!


City Hall of Zamboanga

One of the greatest ways to know more about a place is to visit its historical landmarks and places that embody the stories, culture, and historical events. Zamboanga City Hall is one of the sights and landmarks you should visit. This architectural building embodies this beautiful city and tells stories about its heritage.

If you’re into history, culture, and how places have made their way to where they are now, the City Hall of Zamboanga will definitely do this for you. Although renovated, some parts its interiors have been preserved. One notable factor about this place is that it’s extremely beautiful during the Christmas season as its exteriors get dressed up different themes through breathtaking lights and decorations.


Rizal Park

Rizal Park

Another way to know more about this history’s culture and past while adding a touch of ease and adventure is through Rizal Park. It probably rings a bell to you as a Rizal Park is established in Luneta, Manila. However, in Zamboanga, it pays commemoration and tribute to the national hero and appreciates Spanish-Filipino relations that led to Nationalism. Stroll through this park on a breezy afternoon and lay back and appreciate your time in your vacation.


Sta. Cruz Islands

For beach lovers out there, the sand and the sea are just a few minutes away from the city! The Great Sta Cruz Island is visible from the mainland and is absolutely worth the visit. Take a quick day trip and indulge in this beautiful island! To get to this island, you can easily head to Paseo Del Mar where boats are waiting to bring you to the island through a quick 20-minute ride. You can even enjoy the quick boat ride and indulge with nature as it navigates through the mangroves and gives you a view of chirping birds and graceful creatures. When you arrive at the island, you will be welcomed with a great view of clean sand and clear blue water.

In addition, you’ll find that there are dozens of little islands in Zamboanga City and Sta Cruz island is just a small fraction of this great destination. There are eleven islands that are close by that are perfect to unwind or take a day trip. You can even avail of island hopping services to maximize your experience!


Explore The Beauty of Their Lagoons

Beautiful green park with lake , Ang Kaew at Chiang Mai Universi

It’s not every day you get to experience the beauty of lagoons. A trip to Zamboanga isn’t complete without a visit to their exquisite lagoons and taking a break from your fast-paced and busy lifestyle and just lose yourself in nature. It is a site for migratory birds such as purple herons, egrets, and Philippine wild ducks. You’ll also appreciate the beauty of their stingless jellyfishes.

Their lagoon is where you can find their special ingredients to their specialty Pang-salad, agar-agar and lato seaweeds.


Rio Hondo Village

This notable destination is just a short drive away from Zamboanga City. If you don’t have access to a personal vehicle, it is just one jeepney ride from the city proper. In fact, there are specific jeepneys that go directly to this destination. It is a floating village that is separated from the main island. The Rio Hondo Village will give you a glimpse of the remains after the siege and make you realize how resilient the Filipino community is.


Key Takeaway

Once you plan a staycation or a quick visit to the city, here are places that will surely give and maximize your experience with the places to go in Zamboanga. Indulge in culture, nature, the sea, and historical landmarks. For a touch of luxury, LM Hotel will provide you the best hotel experience for a reasonable price. Experience the beauty of Zamboanga and give you and your family the best getaway!