Great Places to Eat in Zamboanga

March 31, 2020
By: clark March 31, 2020
Great Places to Eat in Zamboanga

Where are great places to eat in Zamboanga?

  1. Alavar’s Seafood Restaurant
  2. Dennis Coffee Garden
  3. Country Chicken Restaurant
  4. Tskolate Cafe
  5. Harley’s Food + Craft Beer


Everyone loves a good meal, especially the travelers and foodies out there! When you’re out traveling, it’s always great and exciting to try and explore new things. When in the city of Zamboanga, you will be exposed to new cultures, communities, and places! It’s one of the best areas to travel to for foodies.

It has a lively food scene and you will be surprised by the variety of cuisines available. From authentic and traditional Filipino to international influenced dishes, there will always be something new and distinct to try! If you’re looking for where to eat in Zamboanga, here are some great eats and the best restaurants for you to try out!


Alavar Seafood Restaurant

The Philippines is known to be home for the finest seafood delicacies and dishes. Because of Zamboanga’s location near the Sulu Sea, you will see the numerous restaurants that serve fresh seafood. Alavar Seafood Restaurant is, if not one, the best seafood restaurant in Zamboanga City. It is one of the top restaurants that locals and visitors recommend when you ask for suggestions to eat in this area. If it’s your first time in the city, this restaurant is a must-try!

It serves heirloom recipes and Zambangeno recipes! When you’re at Alvar’s, one dish you shouldn’t miss ordering is the Curacha (a hybrid between a crab and a lobster) which is served with their special alavar sauce, a mixture of coconut milk, chili, garlic, and spices. If you’re looking for a good place to stuff yourself with seafood, Alavar’s Seafood Restaurant is the place to be!


Dennis Coffee Garden

Dennis Coffee Garden

If you’re looking to taste the authentic Sulu food and culture, Dennis Coffee Garden is a great pick. They serve excellent, classic, Tausug dishes that are full of rich, exotic, and distinct flavors! When you’re at Dennis Coffee Garden, make sure to order their Dulang set. It is good for 5 people and it offers you a variety of all the authentic dishes. Specialties include Chicken Pianggang (marinated spiced chicken), Beef Kulma (beef curry), Tiula Itum (beef broth of roasted coconut and spices), and Utak-Utak (fish cakes).

You can take a break from your Zamboanga adventure and sit down for coffee at the notable Dennis Coffee Garden! Sulu has their own coffee culture and pairs their Sulu Coffee with native pastries.


Country Chicken Restaurant

For a taste of one of the older restaurants in the city, Country Chicken Restaurant will serve you some of your favorite comfort food. They have been in Zamboanga since 1970 and serve international specialties. They serve a variety of American, Filipino, Italian, and Spanish dishes! Their three cheese thin-crusted oven-baked pizzas are tasty and mouth-watering! You can also order their Paella, Crispy Pata, and Fried Chicken!

If you’re looking to cleanse your palate with a sweet treat, Country Chicken Restaurant offers its special homemade Strawberry and Chocnut ice cream. This place is truly an international treat.


Tsokolate Cafe

Tsokolate Cafe

If you’re looking to taste the authentic Sulu coffee, Tsokolate Cafe is a homegrown coffee shop that showcases vintage and pop culture through their interiors. It makes it an ideal place to hand out and chill over snacks, desserts, and coffee.  If you’re in Zamboanga for a business trip, Tsokolate Cafe offers desktops and laptops for rent as well.


Harley’s Food + Craft Beer

Nothing beats Harley’s Food + Craft Beer for a great nightcap or a glimpse of Zamboanga’s nightlife, this pub serves Asian halal food and serves an array of local craft beer. Taste the flavors of Mindanao through their crafted beverages best paired with their delicious halal dishes. If you’re taking a trip to Harley’s Food + Craft Beer, here are some of the best local beers for you to try.

  • White Wheat Ale craft beer is formulated with the zest of the local lime called “Biasong” and crushed peppercorns.
  • Sultan Coffee Stout is infused with ground arabica from Bukidnon and Cotabato.
  • El Chonggo Blanco White Wheat Ale infused with a unique combination of cloves, oranges, and bananas
  • Guava Lambic and Malagos Beer with tastes of Malagos chocolate from Davao


Key Takeaway

If you’re on the lookout for where to eat in Zamboanga, these restaurants and cafes will definitely fill your stomachs with authentic delicacies, and delicious meals. These restaurants are just a few minutes away from the hotels in Zamboanga and if you’re looking for the best place to book a staycation, LM Metro Hotel has got you covered with our luxurious amenities and services!