5 Best Beaches in Zamboanga That You Should Visit

March 3, 2020
By: clark March 3, 2020
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What are the best beaches in Zamboanga?

  1. Great Sta. Cruz Island
  2. Caragasan Beach
  3. Bayangan Island
  4. Pitas Island Beach
  5. Bolong Beach


Zamboanga City is known to be the Latin City of Asia or Ciudad Latina de Asia because of the Hispanic influences in its culture. It is the third-largest city by land area in the Philippines and is home to seemingly endless beautiful beaches. Some of the most popular places in the city are the twin islands, the Great and Little Santa Cruz Islands. Aside from the pristine waters and pink sand of the twin islands, here are other best beaches in Zamboanga located near the LM Hotel.


Great Sta. Cruz Island

Located in the Basilan Strait and off the coast of the city proper is the twin-island of Sta. Cruz. Take a 20-minute boat ride from Paseo del Mar and you will reach Little Sta. Cruz and the Sta. Cruz Grande. The smaller one is restricted to the public due to government military occupancy. Whereas the bigger island is popular for its pink sand beach. The island of Sta. Cruz Grande is inhabited by a humble community of Badjaos. While it is open to the public, you will have to book a visit arrangement with the City Tourism of Zamboanga in order to enter the beach.

There are no amenities like cabanas or tents on the beach which makes it one of the most maintained virgin beaches in the Philippines. Visitors can only stay within the day and since there are no amenities, staying overnight is prohibited. Nevertheless, the beach offers plenty of activities. From merely sunbathing by the shore to extreme activities like snorkeling and diving. Again, you will have to arrange your activities with the City of Tourism in order to have dive guides accompany you.


Caragasan Beach

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If you are a foodie and at the same time loves hanging by the beach, the Caragasan Beach is the spot for you and your companions. The beach is popular for its night market. You can get the freshest seafood, vegetables, and local delicacies all for affordable prices. Eat until you can no longer and lay by the shore drinking beer for a great nightcap. Caragasan Beach is only 30 minutes away from the city proper if you are taking the jeepney. For private vehicles, it should only take 15 minutes to reach paradise.


Bayangan Island

For explorers, hikers, and climbers, Bayangan Island presents the ideal location for activities that will surely trigger your adrenaline rush. Despite the wide perimeter of the beach, a small jungle portion in the middle gives you the venue to set up tents under the shade of coconut trees. Since the island is secluded, you have the freedom to climb the trees and to harvest as many coconuts as you and your companions can consume.

To avoid confusion, Bayangan Island is not the same as Murcielagos Island. Both islands are administratively parts of the Labason Poblacion of Antonio which is why when you search either of the islands online, you will find results that will show both places. Indeed, Bayangan Island is definitely an off the beaten path destination. In spite of that, the island still offers great activities, whether on the creamy sand or the clear waters with teeming marine life.


Pitas Island Beach

Pitas Island Beach

The island is located in front of Bolong Beach. Many say the island can be reached by merely swimming from Bolong. It boasts white sand beaches with waters teeming with different kinds of fish and marine life. There are motorized boats around the area that can be used for island hopping. Other activities include fishing and snorkeling that can be enjoyed by anyone visiting the island. Pitas island beach is one of the beaches that not many people have heard of, not even Zambuangenos themselves.


Bolong Beach

Bolong beach is located 33 kilometers from downtown Zamboanga City. From barbeque grills available to be used and huts for only PHP50 per day, the Bolong Beach is one of the cheapest beaches with complete amenities in Zamboanga City. If you are the type to immerse yourself in the activities and culture of a particular city, you can rent a canoe in the Bolong to join the fishermen in catching fish within an 800 square meter net. With this, you also get a little share of the.


Key Takeaway

Visit the best beaches in Zamboanga to make the most out of the city. Don’t miss out on the chance to get your toes on the sandy beach and your taste buds to try a fresh catch from the waters. Whether you love snorkeling, free diving, camping, or an adventure seeker, Zamboanga presents an ideal location to roam around and discover beaches you have never heard of. The locals speak both Tagalog and English so do not worry about getting lost. After a long day of traveling, retire in a suite with Jacuzzi at LM Hotel. Indeed, Zamboanga is a place to relax and unwind.