Have a Memorable Experience in the Best Hotel in Zamboanga City

January 31, 2020
By: clark
The exterior of a hotel in Zamboanga City, Philippines

If you are planning a trip to Mindanao, particularly Zamboanga, then finding the best hotel in Zamboanga City should be your priority. However, with so many things to do in the area, choosing the right hotel to stay in can be a challenging task. This is especially true if you are not familiar with the place.

That being said, one of the most ideal choices is the LM Metro Hotel. Because of our various amenities and services, we can be the key that unlocks the potential of the City of Flowers for you. Here’s why!


Comprehensive Amenities

A woman having a relaxing massage

In terms of amenities, LM Metro Hotel offers various recreational outlets and facilities that complement the experience you get when you go on vacation in Zamboanga. Aside from that, food lovers will enjoy the various in-house establishments that provide an exquisite gastronomic adventure.


Executive Spa

We can offer you a relaxing experience that can make your stay in Zamboanga all the better in our Executive Spa. From Ventosa massages (also known as cup therapy) to aromatherapy and ear candling, there is no shortage of options when it comes to our relaxing services. Classic Swedish and Shiatsu types of massage are also available.

Relaxing in a spa is great for the whole family and many people consider it a crucial experience of staying in a hotel. With the best hotel in Zamboanga City, you are in for a soothing and pleasurable spa experience.


Sky Gym

Fitness gyms are already a standard amenity in most, if not all, hotels across the world. LM Metro Hotel’s Sky Gym provides full gym equipment and comfortable space for those who are inclined to break a sweat.

Aside from that, one of the more unique offers our Sky Gym has is cross-training. This is a different kind of exercise compared to the standard workouts you do at the gym. Cross-training is geared towards athletes and other people who like to approach working out with functionality in mind. The Sky Gym located on the 4th floor will surely be a hit for both gym buffs and novices alike.


In-House Restaurants and Cafes

In terms of your food cravings and needs, LM Metro Hotel offers a number of in-house establishments that you can choose from. All of which provide good food, refreshing beverages, and entertainment.

The Poolside Restaurant serves only the best quality food with commendable service. If warm (or cold), caffeinated beverages and delectable pastries are what you’re after, then the 3rd Cup Cafe is your best bet. They also have a breakfast buffet for those who want to get their morning munch on. Finally, the 13 Spices Jazz Bar is a great spot for those who want entertainment while dining. But, why stop there? Grab a round or two of drinks as you enjoy a live band or acoustic performances.

Good food and drink are indispensable for any hotel stay. The LM Metro Hotel is dedicated to giving you a great eating experience, solidifying its status as one of the best hotels in Zamboanga City.


Swimming Pool

There is something fundamental about the relationship between swimming pools and hotels. No hotel can be found without one and neither should you miss the chance to jump into a swimming pool when you stay in one.

With an impressively sized swimming pool that includes a wading section for children, your quality of stay in the LM Metro Hotel will surely be excellent. Do note that there is a walk-in rate for the pool (Php 200 for adults and Php 100 for children above 2 years old). However, if you’re looking to use the pool regularly over the course of your stay and in the future, pool memberships are also available.


Family Room

If the previous family-friendly amenities aren’t enough, then the family room can be the cherry on top. Family rooms allow for some much-needed unbridled family bonding time. If you’re on vacation with your family, spending a great, wholesome time with them in the hotel can make the trip that much sweeter.


Convenient Services

Luggage in an airport

Aside from a comprehensive set of amenities, a hotel in Zamboanga such as LM Metro Hotel also offers a number of convenient services. These make staying in Zamboanga more accessible to anyone looking to go on vacation in the city.


Laundry and Dry Cleaning

All your dirty clothing worries can be literally and figuratively washed away thanks to our in-house laundry and dry cleaning services. This is particularly convenient for those who plan to stay for a couple of days but only brought a meager change of clothes. It is also useful for those who visit the many tourist attractions in Zamboanga. All the outdoor and nature trips may leave your clothes soiled.


Luggage Storage

If you’re coming from an overseas location with a lot of luggage, you don’t have to worry about storage because we have that covered. You also wouldn’t have to worry about its protection as we have dedicated personnel tasked to protect your belongings. This will give you more energy to focus on what you came to one of the best hotels in Zamboanga City for, a memorable and enjoyable experience.


Shuttle Service

If you are a first-time visitor in Zamboanga and aren’t familiar with the locations, then our shuttle service is perfect for you. From the airport to the hotel and vice-versa, your transportation is secured. Don’t miss the opportunity to ask our well-trained and knowledgeable shuttle operators about what Zamboanga has to offer.

Tricycles are the main mode of transportation in the city. While they are undoubtedly a symbol of Philippine culture, they’re not the most accessible for visitors with many bags or luggage. Avail the shuttle service to make things more convenient for you.


Have memorable experiences with the LM Metro Hotel, One of the Best Hotels in Zamboanga City!

If you are looking for the best hotel in Zamboanga City with a comprehensive set of amenities and services, then LM Metro Hotel is the way to go!

Booking with us entitles you to our top-class services from the moment you touch down until the end of your stay. We are dedicated to giving you the most enjoyable experience possible.

If you’re planning a vacation trip to Zamboanga City, then don’t miss the chance to stay with LM Metro Hotel. Click here to get started!